Monday, July 27, 2015

Pon tu Mano...

Esta semana yo cumplí un mes en la misión! This week I finished my first month of my mission! Crazy how time flies.

This week we'll start with Spanish Lessons With Hermana Clark:
Ahora- now. Like "we have to go now."
Ahorita- in a soon or a few minutes ago. As in "We have to leave soon," or "we were at their house a few minutes ago." It's kind of counter-intuitive haha :)
Mordar- bite. As in "careful, the dog bites."
Pecar- bite. As in "The mosquitos have bitten you a lot." It's also used to explain how spicy something is. As in "That chile bites A LOT." or "That chile only bites a little bit."
Caridad- Charity. As in "Charity is the pure love of Christ." Not only does charity mean giving physical things like clothing and food to those in need, it also means showing others pure, selfless love like the incredible love that Christ has for each one of us.

Culture Lesson?
Greeting people with a kiss.
Missionaries all over the place shake hands a lot. Elders who serve here do the same- they shake everyone's hands.
I am an Hermana. So I get so many kisses on the cheek every day!
When we greet another woman it goes something like "Hola! Como esta?" Then you don't exactly kiss each other's cheek, but you put the right sides of your faces against each other and kiss the air once.
Good friends of the opposite gender do that here too, but not misioneras haha :) when we greet a man, we shake his hand.

On Saturday there was a baptism in our ward! It was an awesome investigator of the other Hermanas. He is so cool. He is an older man, and He is completely blind in his right eye and mostly blind in his left.
He's been investigating for a while, and two Saturdays ago he agreed to be baptised on this past Saturday. TheSunday after he agreed to be baptised, we were in Sunday School with him when he shared with us that he had woken up that morning able to make out sillhouettes (probably butchered that spelling) with his left eye. There is a young woman in the ward who has become good friends with him, and when her mom heard that, she went to get her. The young woman came in and he said "pon tu mano." which means, "put your hand in front of me." She asked why, and as she put her hand up in front of his face, he took it in his. She started sobbing, as did everyone in the room.

When we make the right decisions, we receive blessings! They aren't always physical. Not every blind person who decides to get baptized will regain some of their sight. We don't always get exactly the blessings we are hoping for. 
But blessings come. Our Heavenly Father sends us the blessings we need in the timing we need them! 

Thanks you for all the support! I read your emails- I'm sorry if I don't have time to respond! I love you all!

The hermano in the ward who gave me nickname, Hermana Parker, gave us Juarez Indios shirts to rep the city!

Hermana's Panta and Garcia made me a cute sign for my one month mark :)
~Hermana Hannah Jo Clark

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