Monday, November 30, 2015

Always Learning


I hope everyone had a great week.

We had a good one. We started by doing exchanges with my Sister Training Leader, Hermana Anderton. She´s super cool! We tried to take a picture, but it didn´t turn out...sad day.
But it was a good time. We spoke some good Spanglish, and she taught me a lot!
When I was with her, we went looking for a referral that a young woman in the ward gave us. The problem was, the houses on this street don´t have the numbers posted. So we just knocked on the door that we thought might be this person´s house. 
He didn´t live there. But two very nice ladies were there and they said "Oh! You´re missionaries! Come in!" They were super sweet! We´re going to visit them again this week.

Spanish Lessons with Hermana Clark:
Enseñar- to teach. As in, "Here in the mission, we teach people every day."
Aprender- to learn. As in, "Although we are here to teach people, we actually end up learning way more than we have the opportunity to teach."
Perdon- Forgiveness. As in, "through the atonement of Jesus Christ, we can feel forgiveness of all our sins. The weight and guilt we feel from the mistakes we´ve made can be replaced by peace and happiness if we come unto Christ."

So the lady who we met last week in front of her house is super cool. We visited her again this week and taught her a bit about prophets and the Book of Mormon. A lot of people who we teach don´t really know what prophets are. (If you don´t know what prophets are, talk to the missionaries. Because prophets are awesome.) She definitely knew what they were. She has read the Bible quite a bit. When we told about the Book of Mormon, she was way excited to read the words of more prophets. We´re excited to see what she has learned when we visit her again.

Our investigators are doing well! This week it was so great to teach them about repentance and forgiveness. My favorite thing about the mission is seeing people come to understand exactly how significant the atonement of Jesus Christ is for them. It´s a beautiful thing to feel forgiveness and encouragement when we come unto Christ.

Ok. I´ve gotten complaints that I don´t send enough pictures. Perdónenme. (Forgive me.)

​This is my companion, Hermana Acosta! Her desires to serve the Lord inspire me every day!

​Happy Birthday to my awesome sister, Michelle! Love you, Marco! :)

Remember how loved you are! Your Father in Heaven loves you. He loves everyone, but He loves you specifically.
He is always there to help you. Pray.
Keep the Faith. Everything will work out.
Have a great week!

~Hermana Hannah Jo Clark

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