Monday, January 18, 2016

They Really Are One In Our Hands

Spanish Lessons with Hermana Clark:
Panteón- Cemetery. As in, "We'll meet you in the cemetery at 4." There are two cemeteries in the Pueblo, and they're both in our area. This week we happened to meet up with members there to go on visits with us a few times. Every time I said, "we'll see you in the cemetery" my companion and I just about died laughing afterward.
Mascota- pet. As in, "We have a pet. It's a dog named Pinto." We don't actually have a pet (that's against the rules in the missionary handbook.), but we do have a...friend. There's this dog that follows us. Every time we pass it's house, it comes out and follows us for the rest of the day. Before, it used to just follow us to our next appointment, but now it will follow us and wait outside. typically about 20 minutes into a visit it starts knocking on the door. The people we visit always say, "Sisters, your dog is knocking." It's ridiculous haha
Mandamientos- commandments. As in, "God gives us commandments to help us find greater happiness. We can learn about the commandments in the scriptures. As we learn about and start to live the commandments that God gives us, we come to know just how important they are."

So remember the investigator who we met outside her house and later she told us that her sister had recently gotten baptized and had been praying that the missionaries would find her sister? We met the sister this week! We also met our investigator's husband, and he's super cool. Their whole family is super cool. We found out that she and her husband have been reading quite a bit of the Book of Mormon, and they love it. We explained that the Bible and the Book of Mormon work together to testify of Christ, and the husband said, "It's true. They really are one in our hands." We love these people. They love learning more about the restored Gospel, and they really want to get baptized by the right authority.

We started teaching a new investigator this week. She's my first convert's sister. She came to her sister's baptism back in October and wanted to learn more, but she was hesitant to listen to us because she doesn't want to stop drinking coffee. This week she finally agreed to let her sister bring us over to visit her. Within the first 3 minutes of being in her house she mentioned that she really loves coffee and asked us why we don't drink it. We gave her a brief explanation of the Word of Wisdom, but we mostly started to focus on the first principle that we teach- God is our loving Heavenly Father. We found that she has great faith in God and is willing to put what we teach to the test. She is great, and I'm sure she will come to understand the Word of Wisdom as she learns more about the basic principles of the Gospel.

We have an investigator who is preparing for baptism, but her husband hasn't been as interested. When we visit her, we invite her husband to listen and he says from the other room, "I'll listen from here." But we found out that a few months ago he was working harvesting on the same farm where a young woman from the ward works and they knew each other. So this young woman came with us to a lesson this week. He answered the same as always, but this time the young woman walked near the other room and said, "we prepared a message to share with you. It's about faith and it's going to help you. Will you please come listen?" He came and listened. She bore a powerful testimony of faith, and it changed him. We went by a couple days later, and he listened again.
The influence of righteous youth is powerful.

Stay awesome, stay strong. Come unto Christ, the time is now. He loves you. I promise.

Have a great week, everyone!

~Hermana Hannah Jo Clark

​This snow was one of the things that almost interfered with the baptism last week. Good thing we conquered it!

​It didn't keep me from making this tortilla either.
I hope to make more circular tortillas one day...the Sisters here are helping me practice.

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