Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Enter The Winning Summer!

This summer has been absolutely wonderful :) I'm so glad it's here :) Here's what I've done!

So I went to EFY for the first time this summer, and it was the best. I'm so glad I went :)

Our company was totally bomb :)
See that banner? It's amazing. I love The Chosen :)
This week was so amazing! I made fabulous friends and magnificent memories! I love these people so much and I can hardly wait for next summer when I can go back to EFY! 

Afterward, I turned 16!!
Mom got me new TOMS <3

Thanks Mom! Then Payton came over with a big pineapple plant-she knows how to bring the party. And my birthday definitely went out with a bang...well, quite a few bangs! All over the houses and cars in the area!
 What the hail? Right? It was a fun birthday though!
Then my cool friends were totally sneaky and they threw me a surprise party! I didn't actually take pictures...I was busy partying. But it was a great time!
Then came youth conference!
Canterberry Crew-Be True! I love my ward :)
This summer has been great so far, and there's more to come!
Have joy this summer, guys!

<3 Hannah Jo

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