Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Put Shampoo on the Legs of the Bed


I hope everyone had a fabulous week. We had a good one!

Spanish lessons with Hermana Clark:
Muebles- furniture. But here it also means cars. There already about five other words for car, so I'm not sure why they need another one, but they definitely use it in Juarez and Casas Grandes. My companion said she had never heard it used that way until she came here, so I have no idea how big of a region uses it that way.
Cienpies- centipede. As in "Elder, there is a HUGE centipede in our house and we think it went under the carpet because we can't find it anymore. We cannot sleep here." (We still slept there and we didn't die, so that's good.)
Champu- Shampoo. As in, "Put your bed in the middle of the room where it's not touching the wall. Then put shampoo on the legs of the bed. Then the centipede won't be able to climb up to you." Thank you, Elder.

 Templo- Temple. As in "The blessings of the temple are beautiful. They give us greater understanding of our Heavenly Father's plan as well as power to withstand the storms of life. We should all work to live in a way that will allow us to enter the temple and enjoy those wonderful blessings."

Speaking of temples, the Mexico City Temple was rededicated yesterday, and we got to take part (via satellite transmission, because we are nowhere near Mexico City). It was such a beautiful experience. The peace that temples bring us is truly amazing.

Saturday, the day before the rededication of the temple, there was a Cultural Event that we also watched a broadcast of with some of our investigators. It was awesome! I would tell you all to look it up and watch it, but it's in Spanish. Maybe they have it translated into English somewhere, but I don't think so...
If you speak Spanish, check it out! It tells the story of the Book of Mormon as well as the history of the church in Mexico.
 You better believe we got super excited when they started talking about the Mormon Colonies (Which are about 10 minutes from us in the Pueblo). It's pretty amazing how the Lord arranged for the Mexican people to receive the fulness of the gospel.

So the Lord's timing is perfect. All throughout life, we can see it. This week, we saw it in a few little, seemingly unimportant ways.

Yesterday, we found out at 4pm that we needed to be in the stake center (10 minute drive away) at 5pm. So we called a member and she didn't answer. So we thought of another member who we rarely think to ask. We called her and said "can we ask you a huge favor?" She said, "well what is it? It's just that I'm heading to the stake center in about 20 minutes for a choir practice." It was perfect. She gave us a ride there and back.

Also, for a few weeks we've said that we need to get our hair cut, but we couldn't figure out where to do it. We were discussing it a couple days ago as we were walking to our awesome investigator's house to set an appointment with her. We got there and somehow in the conversation we found out that she is studying cosmetology. Oh! Cool! So she and her sister (who is also studying cosmetology) cut our hair this morning. 

Coincidences? I don't think so. Those are just 2 stories. There are so many instances of perfect timing that happen here. The Lord guides our work and provides for our needs. When we put our confidence in Him by keeping his commandments and following His guidance, we can see miracles, great and small.

Speaking of the haircut...it set us a bit behind on time. So I now make my exit.

Thank you for you support and prayers. The Lord answers prayers, and your prayers are answered upon my head every day. 

¡Mucho amor!

~Hermana Hannah Jo Clark
Also: Here are some late pictures from last week.
5 gallon water container? No big. I can definitely carry it from the Water House to our house.

The Vinagron. The photo simply does not do it justice. (The one someone had to smash with a shovel see this post for the story if you missed it.)

Yes. That fish has eyes. Did I eat them?

Our last night in Pradera Dorada.

Hannah's loving it!
The night they got to the Pueblo.

Also. Sorry for the day-late post! ~Michelle

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