Monday, August 31, 2015

Es Menonita?

"Cantan Santos Angeles." You know what song that is?

It's "Angels We Have Heard on High."

When did we sing it? In Sacrament meeting last week.
Yes. We sang a Christmas song in church in August. It was just kind of ironic, because about every morning when we are picking a hymn to sing during companionship study, Hermana Hernandez says "Christmas?" And I say "Hermana, it's August. It's not Christmas time."
It took quite a bit of effort for us not to bust up laughing in the chapel when we realized which song it was.

Spanish Lessons with Hermana Clark:
Vinagron- the nasty monster of a bug that we found last week. It looks like a giant ant with pincers like a scorpion. And it's too hard to kill with a shoe, so our neighbor had to come kill it with a shovel. And they smell like vinagre (is that how you spell it in English? Because that's how you spell it in Spanish...) when you kill them. So that's cool.
Asustar- to scare. But it also means to be scared in a specific instant. It's just really confusing to figure out the grammar.
Menonita- Menonite. As in, "Are you menonite? *gesture toward my arm to indicate the color of my skin* You look menonite."
Paciencia- Patience. As in, "Patience is a Christ like attribute that requires time and trials to develop. It's an important attribute to have. It will serve you well. And if you pray for it, your prayers will be answered one hundred fold."

About the menonite thing... I seriously have at least one person a day ask me if I'm menonite. 
It's because I'm in Casas Grandes. Here, the only white people are either Menonites from a nearby Menonite colony, Mormons from Colonia Juarez or Dublan, or Polygamists from another pueblo. So they see me, white and wearing a skirt, and they say, "Are you Menonite?" Then when we walk away from the conversation, Hermana Hernandez and I quote an Elder from our last district and say "Hola. Soy la Hermana Clark. Soy Menonita y vendo queso." Which means, "Hi, I'm Sister Clark. I'm Menonite and I sell cheese." (Menonite cheese is the best cheese.) We laugh about it a lot. We told our Mission President about it the other day, and he thought it was pretty funny too. Good thing I look Menonite so all the missionaries can be entertained.

Advice for future missionaries:
KEEP YOUR AREA BOOK UPDATED. Update teaching records and write down addresses.
Write down addresses.
Write down addresses.
If you don't, the missionaries who follow you might be incredibly frustrated, as will be their ability to work well in the area until they find all the addresses.
Thank you.

Last Sunday after sacrament meeting, one of the young single adults in the ward came up to us and introduced us to her cousin who came with her to church. Her cousin said "I'd really love to learn from you." So we had a lesson on Monday. We were just basically answering some questions, and when we asked her if she would be willing to have more lessons with us to hear our message, she said, "Yes. And when I understand your teachings better, I'd like to get baptized."

Um. Ok. We can help with that.

We were a little shocked and super excited. She's great, and we're teaching her again tonight!

Yesterday we had a stake conference. Instead of our normal church services we had a big meeting with all the congregations in the area. But, we as missionaries weren't allowed to go unless we brought investigators.
So we passed by one of our investigators houses in the morning and the family was still asleep. So we called and they woke up...and long story short, we ended up waiting outside for an hour and a half until they were ready.
Our awesome ward mission leader waited outside with us because he had to give us all a ride.
We were a half an hour late to the conference...but they came! We all made it together!
It was a trial of patience. Ohhhhhhh it was a trial of patience. But we made it. And it was a beautiful experience for us, and for our investigator. When we are patient and when we act selflessly (like our fantastic ward mission leader), great things can happen for everyone involved.

Well, that's what I have for you this week! Thank you for your prayers- I feel them!
Les quiero :)
~Hermana Hannah Jo Clark

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