Monday, August 17, 2015

Rancho Cien Perros

Buenas tardes, seres queridos! :)

Another week in paradise!
Hah. Paradise means a place where there is a lot of sun...right? :P
We've been told that the climax of the heat is almost we're hoping that's true.

We sing the hymn "El Amor del Salvador" (Our Savior's Love) a lot. It's a beautiful hymn with a beautiful message! But we find ourselves humming it a lot because we sing it so much.
So we were leaving lunch and the Elders were humming the hymn. The first line says "our Savior's love shines like the sun with perfect light." One of the Elders says the first line, points at the sun, and says, "if this is the Savior's love, I don't want it."
The second line says "as from above, it breaks through clouds of strife." The other Elder looks at the sky and says "Can I PLEASE have a cloud of strife!"
IT WAS A JOKE. They want the Savior's love. 
But we did theorize that maybe He loves the people in Juarez a little more than others, based on the amount of sun we get.... :P

So our area has two big subdivisions, and in one of them most of the street names start with the word "Rancho." There's this one little street that seriously always has at least 5 stray dogs just chilling. Sometimes more. We don't know why. But sometimes they like to come say hi to us....and we don't really like them. We were there this week and we decided to rename the street "Rancho Cien Perros" (Rancho 100 dogs). Hah.
We're really funny.
Or we walk around all day every day and little things become hilarious. One of the two.

Spanish Lessons with Hermana Clark:
Canibalismo- cannibalism. No example necessary. Why did I learn that word this week? Don't ask. (Don't worry either. I didn't meet any cannibals.)
Antojar- to have an appetite for a certain food. As in "I have an appetite for spicy carmeled apples."
Cambios Especiales- Special transfers. As in "Hermana Panta, you have a special transfer. Be in the office with your belongings in one hour." We miss having Hermana Panta in the ward. But transfers happen tomorrow anyway, so more changes are coming.

Transfer calls happened last night. We were sitting there and the phone rang. AHHH!!! We answer, and the Elder says (in Spanish), "Ready, Hermanas? Hermana Clark will be staying in Pradera Dorada."
Then He paused. Hermana Hernandez was freaking out.
"Hermana Hernandez.............will be staying in Pradera Dorada."
He thought he was pretty funny for scaring us.

I'm so happy I get another transfer here with Hermana Hernandez! She is an incredible trainer, and I learn so much from her every day. We also have a lot of fun, so that's always a plus :)
We will be getting a new Hermana in our ward though, and our District Leader has exhausted his time as Executive Secretary to the Mission President, so we'll be getting a new Elder in our ward as well. Fun stuff!

One more Spanish Lesson.
Fe en Jesucristo- Faith in Jesus Christ. As in "When we exercise faith in Jesus Christ, we will be motivated to make the changes in our lives that will align our will with that of our Heavenly Father. We will find greater joy in our lives when we do this."

This week we were walking home and we talked to some ladies who passed us in the street. We showed them a pass-along card we had with some questions on it and asked if they had ever asked one of those questions. One of the ladies was anxious to know where we go after this life. We visited them later in the week, and this sweet woman told us about her life. She has faced some real struggles. She is also mostly blind.
But her faith is incredible.
She just kept saying, "yes, I want to make changes in my life that will allow me to better serve others and feel this Spirit more."
We are excited to see how she grows as she embraces the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Well, We have a Zone Conference, so my time is short.
Thank you for your prayers, thank you for your support, thank you for all the good you do! Go make someone smile! :)

Hasta la próxima semana!
~Hermana Hannah Jo Clark

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