Monday, August 24, 2015

Cambios Especiales

¡Buenas tardes!

So....remember that phrase I taught you all last week? "Cambios Especiales?" well...
They happened to us!

We are no longer in Pradera Dorada, although I'm still with my fantastic companion, Hermana Hernandez.

Thursday we were at lunch, helping make the food, when the Elders who were sitting on the couch got a phone call, then started whispering and practically giggling.
"Hermana Hernandez, can you come over here for a minute?"
She said no, so they told her it was important.
She goes over and I hear "sit down for a minute Hermana."
Then she pretty much started fan-girling.

We are in the Pueblo!
My area is called Casas Grandes 2. The thing is, people refer to this whole area as "Casas Grandes" like I say I'm from Denver. So to specify that we are actually in Casas Grandes itself, we refer to it as "the pueblo."
Hermana Hernandez served here about a year ago, and she just LOVES it. I knew that, because I'd heard stories. The Elder's in Pradera also knew that, so it was fun when they told her that we had a special transfer to the pueblo. We moved over here on Friday :)

I'm not in the city anymore! I am in a legitimate Mexican pueblo. Most of the houses are actually made of adobe (ours is made of cement.). There are horses, donkeys, mules, ducks, sheep, dogs (still), and all sorts of other fun things. It is so different from Juarez. We actually use blankets at night because it gets cold enough for that. It rains for real (it rained in Juarez...but not like this.). It's GREEN here. There are so many trees! It is BEAUTIFUL. Our house is a second floor over a garage, so we walk out each morning and just smile and say "Que bonita!" (how beautiful!)

Spanish Lessons with Hermana Clark:
Esposas- wives. Also handcuffs. True story.
Oveja- sheep. As in "those sheep are so cute!!!"
Avestruz- Ostrich. As in "I had a terrifying dream about a flying ostrich. Hermana Hernandez reminds me about it daily because she thought it was funny when I told her."
Humildad/humilde- Humility/humble. As in "Humility is a Christlike attribute that we all must develop. When we are humble, we can better align our will with the Lord's will. When we make the necessary changes in our lives to do this, we will feel greater happiness and fulfillment in our lives!"

I love being here. There are things I don't like, such as the monstrous cousin-of-a-scorpion bug that we found on our door when we got home last night.
Mostly, this place is so different than anything I've ever experienced, and I love it. I love the people here. They don't care about most of the petty things I used to worry about. They live simply, and they give generously. It's amazing.

This week was a bit crazy with the transfer, but it was pretty great. I love it here! Several times a day we just look at each other and smile and say "I'm so happy to be here. I feel so good." It's a magical little place.

Thank you for your prayers and your support! I hope you all have a lovely week!

~Hermana Hannah Jo Clark

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