Monday, October 26, 2015

That was Fast

Hola :)

I hope you all had a lovely week! We had a fun one.

Spanish Lessons with Hermana Clark:
Granizo- hail. As in "There has been quite a bit of hail here this week. I felt very at home."
Claro- clearly. As in "Oh, Hermana Clark. How clearly you speak Spanish! I never would have thought I was talking to an American!" That's a nice thing to hear over the phone from a native Spanish speaker :)
Pasar- Pass. Also pass by. As in "We passed by their house and taught them a lesson." My brother pointed out that I've been using the phrase "pass by" a lot when in English we typically say "drop by" or even just "go to" their house. But in Spanish, we say pass by.
Contestar/respuesta- To answer/an answer. As in "Our Heavenly Father wants to and always will answer our prayers. The answers may not come in the way we expect or in the timing we expect, but they will come."

Speaking of hail and answers to prayers, I have an awesome story.
Tuesday we left one neighborhood and headed out to wait for the bus so we could go to a neighborhood a little far away. It started raining, so we went and stood against this taco shop that had a bit of a roof over the edge. A few minutes later, it started hailing. It was just a little bit bigger than pea-sized hail, so we crouched down under the little ledge/counter thing to guard our heads. Then it picked up a lot and the parking lot started flooding. We were just kind of laughing because we were crouching under a taco cart in a hail storm. But then I had the thought that we should say a prayer. So we said a short simple prayer asking for a way to get to a safer place without getting hurt. We said amen, and about 3 seconds later, the hail stopped and the rain let up significantly. We just looked at each other and said "NO WAY." And we ran to the nearest convenience store just in time for the storm to pick up again for a few more minutes before we could walk home.

There's an immediate answer. Answers to our prayers are not always immediate, and they are not always the answer we expected. 

Wednesday we had planned for a member of the ward to come with us to a lesson with a certain investigator. Last minute, the investigator called and said she wasn't going to get home in time for us to come. We didn't want to cancel on the member, so we thought of a young couple we had met recently and called them. Miraculously, they were at home and had time. That lesson was so good. The member bore such a sweet testimony of how the gospel has blessed her family, and we know that this couple needed to hear it that night.

We continue to talk to everyone we see in the streets. Tuesday morning we were walking to an appointment and passed by a man outside his house with two motorcycles. My companion stops and says "How long have you had your motorcylces?" He looked kind of confused, and she said, "I used to work in a Harley-Davidson." What? Crazy how our past experiences help us connect with people. We talked to him for a while and found out that he was wanting to learn more about the Mormons. So we're going to teach him.

We keep on working, and we have a great time doing it.
Also, my companion is super fun.

She had to fix the pipes under our laundry sink. "Missionary by day, plumber by day tambien (also)." Because in the night time, we sleep.

​She made oatmeal-jello. Yes, you read that right. And it actually tasted fantastic.

Well, thanks for your prayers and emails. I love you all :)
Have a great week!

~Hermana Hannah Jo Clark

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