Monday, December 5, 2016

Time Flies

Hello, hello! Hope everyone had a great week. It flew by!

Spanish Lessons with Hermana Clark:
Flan- flan. As in, "Part of God's flan...I mean God's plan is that we can endure to the end." My companion accidentally said flan instead of plan in a lesson. I think she was hungry.

​Semaforo- stoplight. As in, "I think I mentioned in an email my first transfer that we did an activity contacting in a stoplight with the questions of the soul. We stood on the side of the road with the questions and when the light was red, we knocked on the car windows and contacted the people. This week we were thinking of ideas to contact and I remembered that activity. I told my district about it and they thought I was crazy, but another sister liked the idea and backed me up. So we did it! It's pretty crazy, but we got and sent several good referrals that way. It feels like yesterday I was in my training doing the same activity. Time flies."
Getsemaní- Gethsemane. As in, "If we say we're disciples of Christ, we walk where He walked...but what we have to be fully prepared for is that some of that journey will be at least into the borderlands of Gethsemane and at least somewhere in the shadow of Calvary." Jeffrey R. Holland

So this week, I had an incredible opportunity that I've been waiting for since June 24th of last year.
I went to the temple!
President Owen decided to send everyone on a session in the temple the week before they leave the mission. But the temple is going to close for maintenance for a few weeks starting next week. So we went on Saturday! I can't explain how much I missed going to the temple and how great it felt to be there! It was awesome because it was all in Spanish and I understood everything! I love the temple. :)

I just want to tell one story.
​Remember the part member family I talked about last week? We saw them again this week and talked to the dad. We taught about the Restoration and he understood everything super well. He said, "I understand this all and I understand the importance of the proper authority. I've never received a direct answer about the truthfulness of the Restoration though." He told us about the 2 instances in his life when he's felt like he received a direct answer to a prayer. They were powerful experiences. When he talked about them everyone there could feel the Spirit testifying that those answers came from him. We invited him to pray another time about the Restoration. He committed to do it, and we're hoping he'll recognize the answer that he receives.

Sorry I didn't write much, my time is up. I hope everyone has an awesome week!

~Hermana Hannah Jo Clark

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